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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
is the web-platform  features in combination with progressive enhancement to give users an experience at par with native apps all across Andriod, IOS, Browser.

Note: compatable to install te app in mobile open link with Google Crome for Andriod & Safari for IOS. Wait for 30 sec to get prompt of install once you allow permission as it ask for.

2 (1).jpg
2 (1).jpg

"A Travel Trade B2B App to cross-sell products & services for business integration and to enhance market reach for more revenue and profit. The app allows the verified sellers as registered users to upload their products & services for buyers to connect, based on category or destination of required travel services. Now there's no more need to share in different platforms like Whatsapp, Telegram or Facebook groups for promotion, when one can use only single platform of Tour Deal. The advantage of the Tour Deal App is that you can get the required product or services for any B2B buyer with a single click search to connect with the seller, to initiate the query & booking process."

Coming Up Soon Wonder App For Teavel Trade B2B Connect (2).png
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